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He was the only one I rooted for during their batch’s contest to win as Sole Survivor. I am talking about Star Struck winner Marky Cielo, a young man, just 20 years old, who had impressed me two or three years ago back when I was still in the Philippines happily following those corny shows on GMA.

I enjoyed him and was so impressed by how he outshone them all. He was from the very start honest that he was a “highlander”, one from the hinterlands, so to speak. He was not ashamed to share with the rest of the nation his heritage, his lineage and he brilliantly used these to his advantage. Yes, his fellow Igorots supported him all the way, a glimpse into what tribal thinking can do to a group of people – it unites and empowers them to accomplish anything they set their minds to do.

During the contest, there was one instance when the contestants all had a falling out (I can’t remember what it was all about). Marky Cielo was caught in the middle of it all, being the wise voice admonishing and encouraging his fellow contestants to be united, to focus on the contest and not the bickerings.

This has left a deep impression on me. Here was one teen-ager, looked down upon by a lot of people for his gall and audacity to join a popularity contest when he is not the most good-looking guy in the batch anyway, and an Igorot at that (the first one to have attempted to), trying to talk sense to his batchmates. It was just so lovely to see him asking the other contestants to stop fighting. He was leading the contest at that time already, but instead of elevating himself above the rest, he stooped down to accommodate their childishness and talked to them for the sake of the success of the show.

Then, we left the Philippines and I was not able to follow his career anymore beyond the first few months of his being crowned the Sole Survivor. It was enough, though, to prove to me that he was a great dancer, a sensitive actor (one more believable because he looked like any ordinary Filipino youth, compared to the mestizo guys populating Philippine showbiz), an excellent role model to his fans and simply an inspiring living story of a member of a minority triumphing above the challenges of life and stereotypes.

He was a student in Baguio City before he joined showbiz. I think he was taking up Architecture at that time. He was so good in drawing as well. He was one mightily talented young man who could have achieved so much more.

But yesterday, I heard he died so suddenly. His mother found him lifeless in his room. My heart goes out to his mother – it must be the most terrible moments of her life, finding her son lifeless, just like that.

My sincerest condolences to Marky Cielo’s family and all those who loved him.

Marky, good bye. Thank you for impressing this mature, fast-approaching middle age woman with your humility and talent, never mind that you were just a teen-ager then. You proved that youth need not be a hindrance to being an example. You don’t know me and you will never know how you have touched my life. I am grateful, nonetheless.


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Pacman Did it Again!

Our Pambansang Kamao (literally, National Fist) did it again! Beating America’s Golden Boy Oscar dela Hoya is no dismissible feat for a man who came from the very bottom of life. Now, he is the toast of the sports world and a millionaire at that.

Of course, it is so easy for the Filipino people to get used to him just toppling down one champion after the other. It should not be, because in exchange for every victory, he gives so much and gives up a lot more. He offers his victory as a tribute to his fellowmen everytime. He is a good example for all sports enthusiasts and he is truly a man who works hard for his dreams and fights with all his life to make them all come true.

Manny Pacquaio is one inspirational man and his story should continue to be a source of encouragement for all of us who are doing our very best to make our dreams come true for ourselves, our families and our country.

UK’s Ricky Hatton is next, I guess. It would be a treat to have Pacman come here to London and to be able to see him fight live.

To Manny, congratulations! We are so proud of you!

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pacmanIt’s that time again when I go down on my knees on behalf of someone who does not even know I am praying for him. It’s that time again when I wish all the bestest things for one man I believe deserves success and victory. That time when I set aside thoughts about my personal life or those around me and think of how hard it will be for him to fight in the ring.

I am talking about Manny Pacquiao and his upcoming fight against Oscar dela Hoya, the Golden Boy of boxing. The odds are against PacMan being the smaller guy in the fight. However, he has his speed and his deadly left jab working for him so as I pray for God’s blessing for this lone Filipino warrior in the ring, I am comforted by the fact that he takes every fight seriously and that he prepared to polish his speed and make his left jab even more lethal.

Manny, may the Lord’s blessings be upon you and that He may continue to show you His favour. May you be used to bring joy and encouragement to your countrymen and may every success you have in the ring be multiplied to be a blessing for every Filipino…

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