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We went to London last February for a family day out. Before plunging into our day’s worth of sightseeing, we squeezed into our itinerary a short visit to the Philippine Embassy, where we picked up hubby’s passport he recently renewed.

I’ve been here for almost two years already but that was the first time I was ever there. It felt a bit odd to be in London and be surrounded by a building-full of fellow Filipinos all speaking the language. I can say that it felt good as well.

I had grand plans before we went there, particularly on the documentation aspect of our little visit, so that I would have something to write about in this blog. I so wanted to have my picture taken right beside the big Philippine government seal/insignia whatever mounted on the wall above a fake fireplace, but it was always full of people on that spot, either leaning on the wall waiting to be called by the embassy staff, or filling up forms on the mantelpiece below it.

Besides, hubby was not so keen to be photographer that day. I could understand his apprehension because it was like, I was the only one all agog to have a photo shoot beside such an ordinary looking something on the wall. So I missed that one and I have nothing to show you that I was so proud to have been there.

The worse thing is, that was not the only opportunity I let pass to have a sentimental or meaningful photo of myself on my first ever visit to the Philippine Embassy. The Ambassador himself, Edgardo Espiritu, was walking around the ground floor, right at the reception area where we were all waiting and I did not have the mind to approach him for a photo shoot. I had several reasons that I didn’t but all of them point to the fact that I sometimes do not take advantage of opportunities shoved at my face.

He was just like aimlessly walking and looking around in his very smart suit, the smile on his face somewhat indicative that he was in-charge there and that he could be approached about anything. Yet, I hesitated because I could not be certain that he was the ambassador himself (due to my own ignorance) and if he was, that the man was Mr. Espiritu himself (due to my forgetfulness). So, it was a disaster, really.

But then, my hubby went up to see the Consul General, Atty. Tess De Vega – De Leon, with whom he is acquainted through his involvement in the Association of Filipino Radiographers in the UK (AFRUK).

So, we asked her for a photo op and she obliged. Here it is:


I was expecting a more mature-looking woman and I was pleasantly surprised to meet a very young, almost shy-looking Filipina. She had a school girl charm that I found it so hard to believe that she was our Consul General.

While waiting for her in her office, I also had a picture taken by her desk.


They requested us to register as absentee voters and it was rather embarrassing that I could not produce any kind of identity. They asked me: “Don’t you even have a wallet?” I was so embarrassed to admit that yes, I had not a dime on me that day. They didn’t mean to embarrass me, they were just so keen on making me register, which I could not without any proof of identity. Which reminds me, I need to go back there to personally register if I wanted to exercise my right to vote out those rotten politicians I wanted to be gone from government (oh, dear, this happy post might disintegrate into a major rant! – better that I stop right here).

But we all had fun. After our business at the embassy, we went ahead to revel in the sights and sounds of London. Lovely!


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Hi! there. I’m back, after the longest hiatus in blogging history. No, I didn’t run out of things to write about. It’s just that other weightier matters took over my own schedule. I won’t allow my blogging to be totally abandoned, however, so here I am!

Which is just as well because I am most eager to share another YouTube sensation that I stumbled upon in a friend’s blog, Working Abroad by Jena Isle.

This sensation is none other than Rin on the Rox, a harmony duo composed of talented, pretty Fil-Am girls, Rin and Rox. I don’t know much about them except for the fact that I enjoy watching their videos in YouTube. The blending of their voices is very refreshing and their spirit and zest for life is contagious. They seem to be so in love with singing, which is the reason why YouTube fans are falling in love with them.

They give a different take on the songs they sing and they just sound simply amazing! I saw them guesting in the Ellen DeGeneres Show where they were given tickets to the 2009 Grammy Awards. It’s funny that they started recording their songs in their bathroom and even now, that’s where they still sing all those beautiful songs. Talent does not choose the place to delight people. They may be sitting on the toilet bowl for all I care, their beautiful voices are all that matters.

They must really be very popular to have caught the attention of Ellen again, the same way Charice Pempengco did. I have shed not a few tears when I first heard and watched Charice sing in her earlier YouTube videos. Now, these two girls again. It’s a treat indeed! I can get used to seeing talented Filipino singers on YouTube, you know.

Watch them and see for yourselves.

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