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the left

the left that sent Hatton down to the canvass

This is a long overdue post about the Pacquiao – Hatton fight but my issue is not about recency of the topic. I am after the significance and the lessons that can be learnt from the mistakes of others.

Two weeks before the fight, Hatton was saying: “I am too much for Manny.” We all know now that that was all air and nothing else. Mayweather Sr. even said something like “I don’t care if they carry him out on a stretcher” referring to Manny and of course, we also know that it was Hatton whom they almost carried out on a stretcher given that he was out for a good few minutes.

good night, Hattondown and out

It was the cockiness and arrogance of the Hatton camp, particularly the fighter and his trainer, that brought upon them their shameful and devastating defeat the entire world cannot stop talking about. Both the fighter and his trainer laughed off Freddie Roach’s claim of a knock out. Had they taken their opponent more seriously,  had they given him even just an ounce of respect and not calling him “little man” (when in reality, Pacquiao was only an inch shorter than Hatton), they would have stood the chance of at least lasting a few more rounds, or walking out of the arena with their dignity intact. They would have trained harder and not left anything to chance – if they only acknowledged half the power of their opponent.

Pacquiao Hatton


Then, I think about how humble Manny was – not even saying anything derogatory or belittling his fallen opponent, how he concentrated on training and not taking the power of Ricky Hatton for granted. Just the fact that he did not leave any stone unturned in his training indicates Manny’s humility and his capacity to respect the men he fights, even those less worthy than him. I am not about to canonize Manny. He has his own faults and shortcomings. But at least, if he did some taunting, he did not make it public. He did not call his opponent names and he remained a gentleman in the ring. At least, as a boxer, he is respectful of his co-boxers.

Here in the UK, we Filipinos were extremely proud of that moment when Manny won, not to mention happy because a lot of the men bet on him to win. But win or lose, I will personally take pride in our own fighter who is a lot better in character (at least as a professional boxer) than most men who have donned gloves.

In his previous matches, I have seen how Manny approached the fighters he subdued after each match. But with Hatton, he did not. Maybe it was his way of telling Hatton he failed to get Manny’s respect.

When a man boasts and puts himself higher than he should, it shall be a hard fall for him. Not only will he lose his face but also the respect of those who matter in his life. It will be a hard fall indeed, like the man in this photo.

walking away from the fallen opponent

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