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It is with a grieving heart that I post about Ondoy. I saw the devastation the typhoon wrought upon the Philippines and I could not help but weep helplessly while watching cars floating like plastic bits in the flooded streets of Metro Manila.

A friend of mine here in the UK is flying home tomorrow. Her children were trapped on the second floor of their house in Pasig and she cannot think straight just knowing that the kids are almost without food now. She applied for an emergency leave, which luckily, was granted. Her older brother attempted to swim to their house at the height of the typhoon to bring the children to safety but he decided to turn back after he saw bodies floating around him.


Of course, hundreds or thousands more were similarly affected. I do not even want to know the death toll anymore. I think about our fellow Filipinos who are without homes right now, or food and clean water. I think about how ill-prepared the Philippine government is to tackle disasters of this magnitude – how helpless its people are when they need support the most.


I think also about the brave and selfless people who, in one way or another, have done something to help those who needed them. I think about them and I am praying that, together with all the victim, they will be blessed and that they will all be able to recover from this catastrophe.

image source: extracted from an email from a friend


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Proud to be Pinoy

Recently, I saw a photocopy of a news article that appeared in our local paper.

edit 2

It is not very common to see something like this in the hospital where I work so I read the whole thing and I went away with my heart singing with pride. What really pleased me was this:

edit 3

I just love those words: “born into a culture which creates the love, care and expertise that they possess…” Yes, in the Philippines, we look after our own kin. We do not just send our grandparents and parents to a home where they wait for their time to go. We include them in our own families and look after them. We know that without their care and devotion to us when we were younger, we would not be where we are now.

It is this kind of set-up that Filipino nurses were born to and look, the whole world is benefiting from it! Anywhere that there are Filipino nurses, there is this kind and caring service for the sick.

Just last Sunday, we met some elderly churchgoers who told us that a lot of older patients here prefer to be nursed by Filipinos because they are patient and caring. The smile on their faces while they were saying that showed that they really meant the compliment. It was heart-warming.

To all Filipino health care workers here in the UK and around the world, kudos!

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