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I just found this circulating among my Facebook friends and I am posting it here to help spread the word. http://www.gmanews.tv/story/175402/blog-about-rotting-relief-goods-at-dswd-warehouse-sparks-cyberspace-queries

If this link does not work, try this one: http://mabuhaygirl.multiply.com/

If this true, which I am more inclined to believe, then heaven help us! My knees are weak just thinking about the callousness of the officials involved here. Thousands of typhoon and flood victims have gone without basic necessities and there they are storing all those donations and allowing them to rot in the warehouses.

Please spread the word, people. Let us do something about the blatant neglect of the Philippines government in almost all aspects of governance. Let us harness the power of the internet and show the President and all local government officials that they cannot just sit down in their jobs anymore and still expect our respect.


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Bahay Kubo by Foreigners

I must admit I hate it when a song is bastardized. I would ask my hubby to stop singing a song when he changes the lyrics to make it sound funny. But when I saw this, I wanted to post it here. I don’t know why they chose to sing Bahay Kubo. Whatever, watch it and enjoy…

I am making sure that my two boys, who are growing up in a foreign land, will never forget their native tongue. My youngest son, who is turning eight years old soon, has already mastered counting one to 10 in Filipino. I let him do it sometimes so that he will not forget. It’s a tall order to maintain their knowledge of the Filipino language, given that they are always exposed to English in school, in the media, etc. but I know, in the future, it will pay off for them if they will grow up knowing it.

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Arnel Pineda

So Pinoy in looks, so different from his bandmates, but oh! so standing out from all the rest!

After being so impressed with Charice Pempengco, I’m sure Oprah is now totally convinced that Filipinos are amazing singers. Watch her facial expressions as Arnel hits the high notes.

Enjoy and be proud, Pinoys!

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