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I would like to encourage all my fellowmen who have a burden for the Philippines to consider Presidentiable Dick Gordon and Vice-Presidentiable Bayani Fernando as their candidates. To me, they are the only candidates most likely to bring the nation forward into the 21st Century, making all of us proud to be Filipinos even more.

As experienced local executives, they know how to inspire volunteerism and a sense of responsibility among their constituencies. They have shown through their work in Olongapo (Gordon) and Marikina (Fernando), that it is actually possible for Filipinos to unite and be selfless citizens.

I totally agree with what Gordon said in the video above that they have proved their mettle already by fixing their own communities first. All the other presidentiables and vice-presidentiables have been in the political scene for so long but have not actually done to their respective communities what Gordon and Bayani have achieved in theirs.

It does not hurt to give change and enlightened politics a chance, does it?


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My precious friends, I wish you all a happy, happy Valentine’s Day. May you all be recipients of love from your family, friends and God.

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Our family just arrivedĀ  from a 4-week holiday in the Philippines, where we did a lot of important things. Of course, we spent some time with our loved ones and that was really very good especially for my boys. They were able to hang out with their cousins, some of whom they have only met for the first time, while others, they have been acquainted with for years with whom they were just too eager to play again.

It was difficult for me to tell which part of it is the highlight of the whole trip – until I got back here in the UK. Looking back, the highlight of the trip is not one particular event or day. It is an inexplicable sense of belonging that I don’t feel anywhere else on earth. It is that feeling that for a certain period of time, I was safely home, where everything is familiar and yet acutely new as well, because I have been away for a long time.

We were there to have the boys circumcised, so understandably, we were holed in for almost two weeks in my parents’ house, unable to go anywhere else because the boys were still sore. But even then, I feel like it was not a wasted trip. Spending time with my mother, who was widowed very recently, re-acquainting with her world full of concerns for her school and even just simply seeing her again in the flesh after a long time of being away, made the whole trip worth it all.

I was not particularly happy with the state of politics in the Philippines at the moment, especially when major elections are fast approaching. I did not also enjoy the fact that our money seemed to evaporate into thin air right before my eyes everytime we went out shopping for food and other neccesities. And yes, “development” is still far off from my beloved country. But I don’ mind. For me, it is still the only place on earth closest to heaven.

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