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There is this email sent to me showing photos of a beautiful house in the US. The pictures speak of the opulence of the house and its decadent ornateness – of all its parts and rooms.


At first, I was thinking that perhaps, one wealthy sheikh or prince from the Arab world owns it. The house reflects the same gilded style that royalty are so fond of.




While my jaw kept on dropping lower and lower to the floor because of my shock and amazement at the sheer luxury of everything I was seeing, my eyes also started watering because of the dazzling beauty of the whole house!


 Then, I could not believe it when I read that this house actually belongs to one of the presidentiables in the Philippines – none other than the ‘poor beginnings’ guy who portrays himself as one with the poor people whose votes he is wooing, none other than Manny Villar.

So, our hopeful president-in-waiting has actually built himself a grand mansion in the US in preparation for his retirement, perhaps? His campaign jingle portrays him as someone who had experienced spending Christmas in the streets and yet, in reality, he lives like a king away from the eyes of the people he (pretends) to want to serve as their President

If this house is indeed his, I have one word for him: Hypocrite!

I don’t know when he built this, maybe when he was still a Congressman representing Las Pinas (am not sure about his actual constituency that time). Has Las Pinas known any progress yet? Or when he was Senator? Or when he was still a professional land grabber. Whatever.

Am posting this for all of you to ponder upon before you cast your vote.


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I stumbled upon this report in the internet and it somehow did not surprise me – just shook me to the core, because it is something to be slapped by the truth, even if you knew about it all along.

Philippines Ranked 4th Most Corrupt in the Asia-Pacific Region link: http://ph.news.yahoo.com/abs/20100309/tph-philippines-ranked-4th-most-corrupt-85c5a6c.html

Shame. But I am not giving up on my dear Philippines. Even if I am far away, I pray for it and care for it because it is the only land I can call my own.

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