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More than six years ago, I stopped writing in this blog. I fell out of love of writing, so to speak, and did the unforgivable; walk away from my blogs. In fact, my other paid and self-hosted blog, I totally shut down and lost the product of years and years of writing and chronicling my life as a mother and wife.

A few weeks ago, I was inspired to take up online writing again. I guess, once a writer, always a writer. Or, more appropriately, once a blogger, always a blogger. So, I set up a new blog again called Happiness Overload and have been relentlessly learning and re-familiarising myself with the blogging life again.

And then, last night, I remembered this blog! I actually stumbled upon it, so to speak, as I was trying to access my WordPress account. I was so happy! No, I was ecstatic! I mean, I was over the moon! I felt like finding a lost child, or something. The guys at WordPress helped me to access it again as an admin and here I am! Back in this lovely spot of the cyber world, my Pinoy Around the World blog!

I hope I will find new friends here, new blogging mates and new kababayans scattered around the globe! We will have a lot of topics to talk about, a lot of catching up to do, a lot of things to explore! This blog will be all about telling our story, lifting our spirits and making our mark in the world. Mabuhay ka, Pinoy!

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